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the human powered vehicle
that moves 500 quintals!

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The 3x4 Bernardini tricycle uses the energy developed by the 4 limbs of man at the same time creating a propulsion considerably superior to a traditional vehicle. It can be used as a traditional tricycle or as a vehicle for traction and a thousand other uses with minimum effort. The idea stems from a personal experience that prompted inventiveness for effortless movement with ZERO pollution

The "Bernardini" tricycle is designed and built in Italy by professionals in the field of bicycle mechanics for over 40 years

Our vehicle can be adapted for driving with only the upper or lower limbs for those who cannot walk

Pure energy, created by your physical activity, the best way to respect nature without polluting

A different way to use human energy
Some of the variants of architect Bernardini's patent, presented at fairs throughout Europe. The propulsion system can be applied to many machines and not only to vehicles

Some possible uses >

Free battery charger

Through the developed energy you can rechargea compressor and generate air or pressure

A single working limb is sufficient to move with our vehicle

Free electric energygenerator

The great power generated by the 4 limbs simultaneously allows navigation even at sea

In the fixed versionour vehicle is also idealto extract water from well with minimum effort

Even on rail, it is possible to move large vehicles with minimum friction

The classic Taxi Bikewith a single driver carrying a whole family of 6 people!
International fairs Our participation >
At the Geneva International Inventions Exhibition, the 3x4 was awarded directly by the President Jean Luc Vincent, as a silver medal in its category, with official recognition as an invention with a high intellectual value

Inventor Show 2015 is the festival of innovative inventions and projects. We were also present at this event and we presented our prototypes at the Trade Fair, a very prestigious event frequented by industrialists and investors from all over the world with around 1,200 participating companies and an estimated audience of over 350,000 visitors
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Our company develops innovative ideas and researches valid commercial collaborations.
The realization of our vehicles offers a valid alternative to traditional vehicles
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